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The security and safety industry can be difficult to approach from an entrepreneurial point-of-view. Traditionally, it is considered to be rather closed and some might refer to it as simply conservative. In late 2018, the Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA) was formed. It is our goal to facilitate structured interfirm collaboration so that innovation can occur beyond the limits of a single organization.

As we strive for that goal, software application developers (or app developers) are essential to the OSSA ecosystem. That is why we have created the App Developer Council: a convenient way for app developer companies to weigh-in and to get introduced within our industry, while keeping entry barriers low and administrative effort in check.

We’re also mindful to keep annual, ongoing fees to a minimum. While regular OSSA membership starts from $2,000 per annum for a single company, the App Developer Council fee is set at $250 per annum for companies that employ 10-or-less full-time employees. If your company employs more than 10 full-time employees, the annual fee is $500. For a complete overview of the App Developer Council, member benefits and more, have a look here.

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