The OSSA® common Technology Stack is a significant milestone achieved in just the first 20 months since the Alliance opened its doors. Under this guiding document, to date OSSA members have published the first three in a series of technical specifications. Please see the following categories and links to learn more.

Publicly Available Specifications

  • OSSA® Compliant Camera Definition Specification

    This technical specification sets the core system requirements for video security cameras following the common OSSA Technology Stack to provide a basis of trust and for app interoperability across vendors. This spec is publicly available.
    Download the OSSA Compliant Camera Definition Specification.

  • OSSA® Camera Cyber Security Specification

    This technical specification contains definitions and guidelines regarding mandatory and optional cyber security measures for cameras. The mandatory part of these guidelines will be used as an input for the OSSA certification framework. This spec is publicly available.
    Download the OSSA Camera Cyber Security Specification.

Members Only Specifications

  • OSSA® Application Interface Specification

    This technical specification defines a set of four interfaces which collectively enables third-party software applications to run on video security cameras following the common OSSA Technology Stack:

    1. The input stream consists out of video frames which applications can subscribe to.
    2. The web API is designed to represent the user interface of the applications. Applications can present their individual settings through this interface.
    3. The systems APIs provide system information regarding OS version, capabilities and information about the video security camera.
    4. The messaging API enables integrations to build use cases as such that applications can interact with each other or that applications can interact with external devices like loT or VMS.

If you’re already a member, download the OSSA Application Interface Specification.

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