Driven by OSSA Seal

OSSA® drives an open platform principle and philosophy to open up the security and safety marketplace to fuel innovation beyond the limits of one single organization. “Driven by OSSA” represents the first unequivocal proof.

“Driven by OSSA” Commercially Available Cameras
OSSA camera manufacturers are bringing to market camera devices designed to reduce fragmentation and orchestrate harmony within an open ecosystem for the security industry. These first commercially available camera products follow among other things the Technology Stack for video security devices set forth by the Alliance, and can be recognized by a signage mark for video security cameras.

“Driven by OSSA” Seal and Tagline
To support the launch of the first commercially available camera products based on the specifications set forth by the Alliance, OSSA introduced a signage mark and tagline for video security cameras: Driven by OSSA. This mark indicates the product follows the OSSA Technology Stack for video security devices that prescribes the use of a common operating systems (OS), with the first two OSSA Specifications being:

  • OSSA Application Interface Specification
  • OSSA Compliant Camera Definition

The seal can only be used by members of the Open Security & Safety Alliance. It also ensures seamless connectivity within the newly established digital marketplace1. This single marketplace is a central hub that provides tools and information to enable third-party app development. System integrators can then use the infrastructure to purchase, install and manage the apps on "Driven by OSSA" camera devices. This consolidated approach is a core component of the Alliance’s purpose to steer open standards.

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1 designed and operated by Azena – also an OSSA member organization