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Membership Benefits

Whether you want to play a leading role in your industry, driving change and voting on important matters which could impact your business, would prefer to take part in work groups and be part of new and upcoming developments or would rather simply be kept up to date with what is going on in your industry, there is a membership level which meets your needs.

Eligible for election to Board of Directors    
Vote in Board of Director election    
Chair committees    
Propose new committees    
Initiate new committees    
Participate and vote in committees    
Propose new working groups  
Initiate new working groups  
Participate and vote in working groups  
Attend committees (no guaranteed voting rights)  
Access draft deliverables  
Access final deliverables
Certify compliant products
Utilize certification logo
Participation in press articles & interviews
Use Alliance member logo
Access members-only website
Participate in general or annual meetings
Receive member communications

Become a Member

The Open Security & Safety Alliance has created a structured organization with multiple tiers of membership and arange of benefits that meet the needs of the different types of organizations that wish to participate.Membership fees are for a 12-month period, renewable on the anniversary date of the membership agreement.

5 Simple steps to join the Open Security & Safety Alliance:

1. Review the different membership levels of the Alliance and determine which one is best for you. The Open Security & Safety Alliance offers three levels of membership with varying membership privileges and fees. View Membership Benefits.

2. The Open Security & Safety Alliance Governance documents


3. Depending on the level of Alliance membership desired, please complete either the Sponsor Membership Agreement or the Contributor / Adopter Associate Participation Agreement in full and have it signed by an authorized employee of your company.


4. Email, fax or send the completed and signed membership agreement to the address below:
Open Security & Safety Alliance Membership Services
5000 Executive Parkway, Suite 302
San Ramon, CA 94583
Phone: +1 925-275-6628
Fax: +1 925.275.6691  

5. Complete and submit the Online Membership Application below.



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