Different possibilities that will suit your needs

Full Benefits Overview

Whether you want to play a leading role in your industry, driving change and voting on important matters which could impact your business, would prefer to take part in work groups and be part of new and upcoming developments or would rather simply be kept up to date with what is going on in your industry, there is a membership level which meets your needs. For software application developers there is the special option to join the OSSA® App Developer Council.

Eligible for election to Board of Directors        
Vote in Board of Director election        
Chair committees        
Propose new committees        
Initiate new committees        
Participate and vote in committees        
Propose new working groups      
Initiate new working groups      
Participate and vote in working groups      
Attend committees (no guaranteed voting rights)      
Access draft deliverables      
Certify compliant products*    
Release 'Driven by OSSA' products**    
Utilize certification logo*    
Participation in press articles & interviews    
Use Alliance member logo    
Access members-only website    
Participate in general or annual meetings    
Receive member communications    
Early access final deliverables  
View OSSA specifications roadmap  
Company logo on OSSA website  
Obtain council member plaque****        
Attend Requirements Workshop***        
ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE $30K $15K $2K   $250 - $500

*Whenever product certification becomes available. Conditions apply.

**Conditions apply.

***Upon availability.

****Concerns a high-resolution digital plaque for commercial implementation