The creation of the Alliance and support of like-minded companies that recognize market challenges creates the right conditions to drive a vision and philosophy for the safety and security industry. This vision is built upon a foundation of collaboration and openness that’s a key requirement to form far-reaching standards that stick.

Milestone’s business model and ambitions to innovate within and beyond the security market pair perfectly with the purpose of the Open Security and Safety Alliance. Our company representatives are involved in all OSSA committees: Strategy, Marketing and Technology – and we actively contribute to the work of the Alliance in producing and driving the adoption of new standards, specifications for products and solutions in connected areas. 

Delivering a more standardized approach to address market challenges is a tall order that cannot be resolved by individual organizations. Tackling these obstacles to shepherd in more customer/end-user satisfaction requires a group effort from industry players that touch on many areas within the IoT. Creating a framework that outlines a common standardized platform for security and safety solutions is a solid springboard for this new frontier that’s now in reach, where value-added opportunity and flexibility is accessible to everyone.


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